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11/3/2012 - IBM Announces our Hospitality and Hotel Management Budgeting and Planning Solution

Press Release November 3, 2012

IBM Announces our Hospitality & Hotel Management Planning & Budgeting Solution

LPA Software Solutions, LLC, a premier business partner of IBM’s, announced today that IBM has selected LPA’s Hospitality Analytic as a Smarter Analytic and authorized its sale across the United States.  IBM selects and authorizes solutions that demonstrate leadership and innovation in analytics.

LPA’s Hospitality Analytic Solution allows companies to complete their budgeting and planning processes in a simple and efficient manner, and it enables the leadership team to plan for the future even when they are not entirely sure what the future will hold.  With instant daily forecasts and automated consolidation, the team is presented an up-to-date picture of where the company is heading each and every day.  Additionally, LPA’s solution enables the analysis of hypothetical scenarios, such as a natural disaster or a rumored buy-out in the industry, in order to prepare for whatever the future might hold.  By offering a single technological solution that allows corporate offices, area directors, and general managers to each individually view and manipulate the data that specifically impacts them, spreadsheets and note-sending are a thing of the past.

About LPA 

LPA is a premier IBM business partner specializing in consulting and solutions in the business analytics space.  Founded just eleven years ago, LPA has established itself as a business intelligence and analytics company providing solutions to hospitality and hotel management companies.  With offices in New York and Texas LPA provides solutions to mid-market entities throughout the U.S.  Our focused solutions help companies make faster and more accurate decisions – based on exactly what you need to know.  To learn more about LPA and its innovative solutions please visit our website at  

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