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Student recruitment and student attrition is a costly challenge for colleges and universities. The loss of students means an immediate drop in tuition revenue. If administrators cannot proactively identify and intervene with students who are at risk and likely to drop out for academic and social reasons, institutions face short and long term consequences. Target the right students with the right recruitment offers, and enable administrators and faculty to reach out to students right away, when they first show signs of at-risk behavior for dropping out or taking a longer time to meet graduation requirements. 


Academic Policy and Planning

  • Predict and impact student performance
  • Deliver effective intervention strategies
  • Develop personalized learning standards

Budgeting and Finance

  • Align budgets and resources, re-deploy budgets to meet critical objectives and lower costs
  • Optimize student enrollment and tuition
  • Manage risk

Departmental Performance

  • Monitor departmental performance against goals
  • Link specific programs together with the strategic goals
  • Increase transparency between departments