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Healthcare Clinical Reporting

The EMR advantage.newlogolpahealthcareanalytics.png

Electronic Medical Record systems, or EMR systems, have changed the face of doctors’ offices across the country. With the ability to electronically store all of those paper charts, healthcare providers are more efficiently using both their time and their office space. Records can be searched and retrieved with the click of a button, and doctors in multiple locations can now view the same record simultaneously. This capability has gone a long way toward fostering a collaborative environment for primary care physicians and specialists to manage a patient’s care.

Unlocking EMR’s hidden value.

In addition to managing medical records more efficiently, an EMR system also provides a rich source of data that can help you better understand your medical practice. LPA’s Healthcare Clinical Reporting Solution helps your organization mine this data source in order to become more proactive, increase productivity, and prevent your patients from slipping through the cracks. Imagine having a report at the beginning of the day listing each patient you are going to see and the status of each of their preventative screenings based on their individual demographic information. What could you do with a list of all of your patients who are diabetic that have not had their hemoglobin A1C lab test performed within the last 3 months – on demand at the press of a button.

The list of possible reports goes on and on. LPA has developed a proven process for working with provider groups to determine their priorities and then make their vision become a reality. Having this information at the fingertips of doctors, at the point of care, increases their productivity and reduces the number of times something “slips through the cracks.” Patient care is positively affected as providers are armed with actionable information.  In addition all data and metrics can be exposed to end-users for ad-hoc analysis and simple report authoring - no need to wait for IT.



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