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Location Analytics

pitneyboweslogo.pngLet LPA help you extract meaningful insights tied to location and geographies. Pitney Bowes Location Intelligence combines the power of geospatial analytics with IBM's Cognos Analytics BI platform, quickly bringing visualization and geospatial analytics to business analysts and executives.

Most business questions include a location perspective. Some typical questions include:

  • Who are my best customers and where are they located?
  • Are there location-based patterns related to customers' purchase decisions?
  • Which market areas offer the greatest potential for growth?
  • Where can I find potential customers similar to existing customers?

Pitney Bowes Location Intelligence extends the value of your IBM Cognos Anlaytics applications by linking business results to location in a highly visual way, resulting in a clear insight into performance, with key business measures viewed in a geographic context.

By seamlessly fitting into the IBM Cognos infrastructure, Pitney Bowes Location Intelligence takes advantage of all the capabilities for accessing data where it resides with no custom coding. The simple user interface lets you insert highly visual maps directly into IBM Cognos BI report viewing, authoring and deployment workflows.


As a Pitney Bowes partner, LPA provides Location Intelligence software and services enabling you to integrate and leverage this powerful geospatial analytics technology.

Contact us today to learn more about integrating geospatial data with your business analytics.