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Our solution in action: 


The spreadsheet sinkhole.

Operating in the hospitality industry presents unique business challenges, and the more properties a company manages, the more complex these challenges can become. When your business relies on spreadsheets to send information from corporate locations to hotel managers to area directors and back to corporate, budgeting and planning can become a sinkhole for your company’s time and money. But what if you had a single solution that could allow corporate offices, area directors, and general managers to individually view and manipulate the data that specifically impacts them?

Planning for the unknown.

LPA’s Hospitality Solution allows your company to complete its budgeting and planning processes in a simple and efficient manner, and it enables your leadership team to plan for the future even when they are not entirely sure what the future will hold. With instant daily forecasts and automated consolidation, your team is presented an up-to-date picture of where your company is heading each and every day. Additionally, LPA’s solution allows you to analyze hypothetical scenarios, such as a natural disaster or a rumored buy-out in the industry, in order to prepare yourself for whatever the future might hold.  For more information, contact our hospitality expert, Brendan Austin, at brendan.austin(at)

Predicting the future.

LPA’s Hospitality Solution allows your company to use its historical data to forecast the future, and also find patterns in that data to predict the future.  Using IBM’s SPSS Predictive Modeling tool, you can start answering questions like:  What room price (for a given date, for a given type like transient) will optimize my revenue?

Sample Regional VP Dashboard:

Hospitality Case Studies

Streamlining the Budgeting and Forecasting Process

Designing a Forecasting Solution